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ArtiDiag 900 BT supports 28 maintenance services and full system diagnosis for over 130 brands, ensuring maximum productivity and efficiency in vehicle repair. With ECU coding, you can optimize your vehicle’s performance and customize its functions. Bidirectional control allows the technician to communicate with vehicle systems and components to locate the vehicle’s problem with efficiency and accuracy. All these functions are performed wirelessly using Bluetooth VCI to provide more flexibility for wireless diagnosis.

Supports 28 service functions for common vehicle models.

Utilizes wireless Bluetooth diagnosis to eliminate the limitations of diagnostic cables and simplify maintenance work. Supports basic diagnostic functions of all-system diagnosis, including reading ECU version information, reading trouble codes, clearing trouble codes, and reading data streams.

AutoVIN automatically identifies vehicles for quick diagnosis. Automatically generates diagnosis reports that can be sent via email to a computer and printed.

Quickly scans the entire vehicle system for trouble codes (Health Report) and clears all trouble codes with a single tap (Clear Code). The data stream recording function allows the user to view historical data streams at any time. The feedback function allows users to send feedback for analysis and assists in troubleshooting. Provides multiple methods for displaying data streams, including numerical, graphical, and combined displays, which can represent up to four data streams simultaneously in a single chart. Users can easily compare waveform data streams and analyze fault causes.

1. Service Reset (53 brands).
2. Steering Angle Reset (for 44 brands): Resets the steering angle to zero for the vehicle to travel straight.
3. Injector Coding: Writes the new injector code into the vehicle system for correct cylinder injection quantity.
4. IMMO Service: Deactivate all lost keys and add new keys. **Only for vehicles with simple IMMO systems. If you need key programming, see T-Ninja1000.
5. DPF Regeneration (for 39 brands).
6. EGR Adaptation: Learn the exhaust gas recirculation valve after cleaning.
7. ABS Bleeding (for 34 brands): Assists in bleeding.
8. AdBlue Reset: Resets urea after diesel exhaust treatment fluid is replaced or refilled.
9. Throttle Adaptation (for 37 brands): Initializes the throttle actuator to the standard state.
10. TPMS Reset: Resets tire pressure.
11. EPB Reset (for 41 brands): Assists in replacing and resetting brake pads.
12. Tire Reset: Set the size parameters of the changed or replaced tire.
13. AFS Headlight Reset: Initialization of the adaptive headlight system.
14. Sunroof Initialization: Initialization of the sunroof when locked or closed.
15. Battery Reset (for 33 brands): Registers the battery after replacement.
16. Seat Calibration: Calibration of the memory in replaced or repaired seats.
17. Airbag Reset: Resets airbag data to clear the airbag collision error indicator.
18. A/F Reset: Adjust or learn the air/fuel ratio parameters.
19. Transmission Reset: Helps complete the transmission self-learning function to improve shift quality.
20. Transport Mode: Disable transport mode.
21. Window Calibration.
22. Change Language: Change the language of the vehicle system.
23. Suspension Reset: Adjust the sensor for vehicle height for level calibration.
24. ODO Reset: Copy, write, or rewrite the mileage.
25. NOx Sensor Reset: Reset the value stored in the ECU for the catalyst.
26. Start/Stop Reset: Adjust the automatic start-stop function in the ECU.
27. Coolant Bleeding: Activate the electronic water pump.
28. Suspension Reset: Set the body height sensor for level adjustment.

2 years of free updates

Display: 7-inch LCD, 1024*600

CPU: Quad-Core Cortex-A53 MT6761, 1.8 GHz

System: Android 8.1 RAM: 2G ROM: 32G

Battery: 6,300 mAh/3.8V

Operating voltage: 5V

Storage temperature: -20°C to 60°C (-4°F to 140°F)

Operating temperature: 0°C to 50°C (32°F to 122°F)

Package list: ArtiDiag900 BT, USB-C to USB-A cable, user manual, carrying case, 3-in-1 adapter

Multilingual support: English, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Japanese, Italian, Korean, Chinese (traditional), Hungarian, Dutch, Polish, Slovak, Swedish, Danish, Greek, and Arabic

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