Magicmotorsport Flexible ToolCase

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Flexible ToolCase – The Professional, Sturdy Carrying Case for Your FLEX!

The new Flexible ToolCase from Magicmotorsport has been enlarged and redesigned compared to the old version to carry more items more conveniently. It features 4 removable segments, each with 4 pockets. The segments can be attached using the included Velcro labels to keep track of your tools and accessories.

Designed to Perform Better:
The outer shell is sturdy, while the inner compartments, thanks to the 4 polyurethane segments, offer flexibility.

The Flexible ToolCase has been redesigned to provide maximum comfort and flexibility.

Even Larger:
We’ve increased the size of the Flexible ToolCase by 20%. The previous SuiteCase was already at its capacity limit with just Flex alone. The new ToolCase now accommodates Flex and several other devices with accessories!

Customizable with Velcro Stickers:
Fill the pockets with items of your choice and use the Velcro stickers to label the segments for easy retrieval of what you need. The Flexible ToolCase can be disassembled into 4 parts, each of which can be carried individually, depending on what you want to take with you.

Key Features:
– Outer shell made of simulated carbon
– Four removable segments, each with four pockets
– Exclusive carbon look
– Four safety straps
– Velcro stickers included

Package Contents:
– Flexible ToolCase
– 4 segments
– 9 different Velcro stickers

Additional information

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