TNJ Box Key Programmer TOPDON

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TNJ Box Key Programmer by Topdon

The TNJ Box is Topdon’s latest programming tool for car keys and immobilizer systems. This powerful tool allows users to read and write key chip data, generate special keys, and much more!

Key Features:

– Immobilizer Programming
– Key Programming
– EEPROM, MCU, and ECU Programming

With the TNJ Box, you’ll get access to the most comprehensive vehicle model database, covering US, European, and Asian brands such as Volkswagen, Audi, Skoda, SEAT, BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota, and others. This state-of-the-art programming tool is compatible with the most renowned ECU, MCU, and EEPROM manufacturers, including Atmel, ST, MicroChip, Renesas R32C, NEC, and many more.

Efficient, fast, and precise data reading and writing are achievable with the TNJ Box from Topdon.

The tool offers a wide range of functionalities, including:

– Reading and Writing the fourth generation of Volkswagen UDS engine chips.
– Engine replacement for vehicles on the MQB platform from Volkswagen and Audi.
– Instrument and steering column replacement (access to original motor data is not required; it can be directly read from the key).
– Replacement of EZS, comfort control module, and KESSY chip in fourth-generation Audi models (possible even if all keys are lost).
– Replacement of fifth-generation Audi transmissions.
– Supports more than 170 Bosch, more than 20 Siemens engine ECUs, 20 types of transmission ECUs for free shell BENCH mode copying.

The TNJ Box supports a wide range of advanced functions, allowing users to access crucial features, including Mercedes-Benz infrared key matching, lock reading and writing, clearing three generations of engine transmission computers, cloning four generations of engine computers, copying four generations of FDCT and 9-speed transmission computers.

This advanced programming device works with the most common IMMO systems, such as engine, automatic transmission, instruments, CAS, body, and locking systems.

The TNJ Box is compatible with the Phoenix series scanners and is the perfect additional device to expand your diagnostic capabilities! This easy-to-use tool offers simple and intuitive connection without any binding required! It supports BMW engine replacement matching or copying, IMMO system replacement matching, key matching, transmission computer wiping, and more.

Package Includes:

– TNJ Box Main Cable MCU 2
– MB Button
– INS Cable V1
– INS Cable V2
– MCU Cable V1
– Bench Mode Cable Adjustment Adapter A (5 pcs)
– Adjustment Adapter B (6 pcs)
– Adjustment Adapter C cx (7 pcs)
– Adjustment Adapter D (8 pcs)
– Adjustment Adapter E (6 pcs)
– Switching power supply
– User Manual

This programming device comes with a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty.


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