THINKTOOL Euro Expert Professional Diagnostic Tool

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“THINKTOOL Euro Expert – Professional Diagnostic Tool (12-inch) with Powerful ThinkDiag 4 VCI

The brand-new THINKTOOL Euro Expert, our latest addition for 2023, offers state-of-the-art automotive diagnostic, repair, and calibration technologies in a 12-inch Android 10 tablet. With the powerful THINKDIAG 4 VCI, combined with intelligent diagnostics, oscilloscope, and multimeter support, the Euro Expert sets new standards.

Additionally, the Euro Expert supports powerful online programming, advanced coding, bidirectional control, and 41+ maintenance reset functions. Discover the future of vehicle diagnosis with the THINKTOOL Euro Expert.

Key Features:

Highest OE-Level Diagnosis: Includes comprehensive vehicle diagnostics, reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes (DTCs), reading, storing, and comparing data streams, special functions, bidirectional control, coding, and more.
Powerful Online Programming: Supports Audi, BMW, LANDROVER, Mercedes-Benz, Nissan, Porsche, Seat, Skoda, Subaru, VW, and more. Additional brands will follow.
41 Different Maintenance Functions: Includes the most commonly used 41 types of maintenance functions.
Accurate ADAS Calibrations: Supports precise ADAS calibrations with THINKCAR ADAS equipment.
Powerful 3-IN-ONE THINKDIAG 4 VCI: With oscilloscope and multimeter function.
Intelligent TPMS Service Tool T-WAND 200: Includes 4 TPMS sensors.
2-Channel Oscilloscope and Multimeter Accessories: For versatile diagnostic capabilities.
15 OBD1 Ports: For passenger cars.
Accessories for BMW Online Programming: Complete set for BMW programming.

Discover the full range of capabilities of the THINKTOOL Euro Expert and equip yourself for comprehensive vehicle diagnosis and maintenance at the highest level.

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