THINKCAR CE EVC201 EV Isolation Tester EVC201

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Product Details

Thinkcar EVC201 EV Insulation Resistance Tester:

Commonly referred to as a megohmmeter, shake meter, high-resistance meter, or insulation resistance tester, the Thinkcar EVC201 is an advanced device designed to measure insulation resistance. This measurement specifically targets the insulation resistance between the live part and the non-live, open metal part (housing). The use of an insulation tester in inspections significantly contributes to ensuring the safety of maintenance personnel.

Key Features:

Insulation Resistance Measurement: The Thinkcar EVC201 excels in insulation resistance measurement, providing reliable results.
Innovations in Voltage Measurement: The Thinkcar EVC201 innovatively introduces a voltage measurement function, thereby expanding its versatility.
Equipped with Standard Resistance: The device is equipped with standard resistance, enabling a comparison measurement mode. This mode ensures that the measured resistance matches the standard resistance, thus ensuring measurement accuracy.
Multiple Measurement Modes:
Time Measurement: Allows accurate measurements at specific intervals.
Comparison Measurement: Compares the measured resistance with the standard resistance to verify accuracy.
Continuous Measurement: Allows uninterrupted and extended measurement sessions.
Comprehensive Measurement: Provides comprehensive measurement coverage.

Invest in the Thinkcar EVC201 for a comprehensive and innovative solution for insulation resistance testing, with priority on accuracy and personnel safety.

Output Voltage: 500V, 1000V

Insulation Resistance: 500V: 1MΩ20MΩ, 1000V: 1MΩ40GΩ

Short Circuit Current: <1.8mA

Display: LCD display, data recording on the pad via USB


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Weight 2,9 kg


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