PulseQ E Charging Station 22KW

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The PulseQ is the first EV charging station by TOPDON. Compatible with most electric vehicles, it features an IEC62196-2 Type 2 connector. Its compact design and various mounting options allow for space-saving installation, even outdoors.

Accessible via an app, the charging station enables users to program and monitor charging processes. It boasts safety and durability with CE, LVD, RED, RoHS certifications, and a passed REACH test.

Installation is made easy with multiple mounting options, 3 charging modes, an RFID reader, plug-and-play functionality, and app control. With built-in multi-protection and an IP65 rating, it is compatible with most European AC electric vehicles.

Technical Details:

– Weight: 7-9 kg
– Manufacturer: TOPDON
– Device designation: IEC62196-2 Type 2
– Dimensions: 310 x 215×95 mm
– Integrated charging cable: 5 m, optionally 7.5 m
– Maximum charging power: 22 kW
– Voltage: 400 V AC, 3-phase
– Current: 6-32A
– Authentication/Activation: RFID system for authorization and charging release
– IP rating: IP65
– Certifications: CE, LVD, RED, RoHS, and passed REACH test
– Operating temperature range: -35 degrees Celsius to +55 degrees Celsius


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