NEW! Autel MK808S 2023 OBD Diagnostic Device Bidirectional Diagnostic Tool

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NEW! Autel MK808S 2023 OBD Diagnostic Device

This device comes with 1 year of free updates and a 1-year warranty.

Video setup guide:

At Autel, it can sometimes happen that despite the language change, functions and errors are displayed in English.

1. [2022 New Features Make the MK808S Stand Out] Big Surprise! Autel has upgraded the MK808 to the MK808S, covering more vehicles and functions, including Wi-Fi printing, 4GB RAM, faster CPU… Since June 1, 2022, the Autel MaxiCOM MK808 has added valuable NEW features at the same price: Bidirectional Control (Active Test) V 28+ Services later FCA Vehicles (Chrysler Jeep Dodge Fiat V, etc.)

(2022 newly released bidirectional control) As the 2022 updated version of the Autel MaxiCOM MK808, the newly introduced MK808S scanner features powerful bidirectional control (released on June 1, 2022), making the MK808S the most cost-effective Autel scanner. Active Test/Bi-Directional Control is often used in auto subsystems to check if the actuators are all in good condition. Such as windows, rearview mirrors, sunroofs, windshield wipers…

28+ MOST POPULAR SERVICES [28+ most popular service functions| Autel versatile OBDII diagnostic scan tool MK808S. supporting 150+ car brands & FCA car Auth, is an ideal choice for auto repair shop owners and professional mechanics. Like the MaxiCOM MK808BT, the MK808S also offers advanced 28+ Hot Services such as oil reset, SAS calibration, IMMO key (disable lost keys, add new keys), ABS bleeding, injector coding, battery registration, DPF registration, etc., and more are always being added. Number one among professional automotive scanners.

Runs Fast & AUTOVIN [2022 MK808S has upgraded its hardware with: ROCKCHIP RK3566 CPU, Android 11 OS, 4G RAM, 5GHz Wi-Fi, etc. to provide you with faster diagnosis and operation.

Unmatched Vehicle Coverage Autel positions itself as the brand that covers all vehicles worldwide to achieve ultimate vehicle coverage. The 2022 upgraded scanner MaxiCOM MK808S focuses on vehicle coverage vehicle coverage and works on over 150 car brands and models worldwide (from 1996 to 2022), including FCA vehicles after 2018.

More cost-effective than MK808BT/ MP808 As an upgraded version of the MK808, the Autel MaxiCOM MK808S is not only more affordable than the MK808BT/ MP808 but also equipped with more features than them. As the latest version of the Autel 808 series, the MK808S scanner has all the features but has added the Wi-Fi printing feature and optimized the hardware with the faster CPU ROCKCHIP RK3566, the improved Android 11 operating system, larger 4GB RAM, and 5G Wi-Fi… making the MK808S faster and more stable than MK808BT/ MP808.

2022 Bi-directional Scan Tool for Quick Fault Localization (Active Tests) As the 2022 upgraded version of the Autel MaxiCOM MK808, the newly introduced MK808S scanner is not only an affordable scanner but also a bidirectional scan tool. It features the (released on June 1, 2022), making the MK808S the most cost-effective Autel scanner. In addition to reading/clearing codes and reading data from all modules, this bidirectional scan tool MK808S can also send data to control vehicle ECUs and monitor the operation of actuators and even relays to locate the problem.

Like the Autel MaxiCOM MK808BT/ MP808/ MX808 diagnostic tools, the MK808S car scanner can perform comprehensive and in-depth diagnostics for all available systems: engine, automatic transmission, anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic parking brake (EPB), battery management system (BMS), tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS), supplemental restraint system (SRS), immobilizer, suspension, cruise control, steering angle system, air conditioning, audio system, body system, gateway, etc.

Supports 13 Languages In the bracket of the Autel MK808S, there is a multilingual data support system with most of the universal

Languages: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Korean, Japanese, Russian, and Italian. The data can be interpreted by technicians all over the world without encountering any language barriers. No additional translation effort is required, and you can switch back and forth as needed.

2022 Latest Car Models Autel MK808S car scanner can diagnose some 2022 latest car models, such as Ford F-150 2022. Ford F-750 2022, Ford E-Series 2022, Dodge D2-Ram 3500 Pickup 2022, Ford F-650 2022, etc.

FCA Vehicles after 2018 This 2022 new scan tool MK808S also supports FCA functions, allowing you to pay to clear codes, bidirectional control (active tests), and special functions for Chrysler FCA models after 2018 without special adapters. *AutoAuth account must be purchased by yourself. This

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