Air Conditioning Service Unit KSS R 1234 yf Low Emission

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Air Conditioning Service Unit “KSS R 1234 yf Low Emission” with Integrated Hybrid Flush Kit
– Sturdy metal housing
– Refrigerant cylinder storage: 16 kg
– Vacuum pump capacity: 132 l/min
– Integrated fully automatic refrigerant analysis
– Fully automatic recycling of refrigerant, oil, and additives
– Vacuum check is automatic
– Automatic leak detection before starting work
– Automatic addition of leak detection additives
– Integrated refrigerant filling and extraction quantity management
– Integrated filling quantity database
– Complies with SAE J 2099 / 2788 and 2843 standards
– Special 8-point bearing weighing technology
– Special air conditioning system flushing function
– Suitable for hybrid vehicles
– Patented waste oil container
– 3 separate weighing cells for UV additives and oil management

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Weight 75 kg


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