The digital car wheel balancing machine with LC display and Power Clamp geodyna 6300-2p.

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The car wheel balancing machine is designed for gas stations, auto repair shops, and tire service centers with moderate to high tire service volumes. It features automatic acquisition of the distance between the rim and the machine, rim diameter, and rim width, as well as automatic preselection of weight placement with easyALU. Equipped with the geodata measuring arm for secure and precise positioning of adhesive weights, the geodyna 6300-2p comes with the electromechanical clamping device Power Clamp.

– Patented virtual plane measurement technology (VPM)
– geodata measuring arm for automatic acquisition of all wheel data and positioning of adhesive weights with patented clamping device
– Clear LCD display
– Automatic preselection of weight placement with easyALU
– Behind-spoke weight placement
– PAX program
– Automatic positioning of the wheel into the balancing plane (12 o’clock position)
– Patented runout optimization
– 9 user profiles
– AutoStop system for geodata measuring arm
– Rim bowl lighting
– Ergonomic weight tray
– Ergonomic storage for cones and clamping device holders
– With electromechanical clamping device Power Clamp

Technical Specifications:
– Width: 1365 mm
– Display: LCD
– Rim width input: Semi-automatic / geodata
– Rim diameter input: Semi-automatic / geodata
– Wheel spacing input: Semi-automatic / geodata
– Electrical connection: 230 V | 50/60 Hz
– Rim width: 1 – 20 inches
– Rim diameter: 8 – 25 inches
– Rim diameter – manual input: 8 – 30 inches
– Noise level: < 70 dB(A)
– Height: 1375 mm
– Measuring speed: 200 rpm
– Measuring time: 6 – 8 s
– Maximum rim center hole diameter: 116 mm
– Minimum rim center hole diameter: 43 mm
– Maximum wheel width: 530 mm
– Maximum wheel diameter: 950 mm
– Maximum wheel weight: 70 kg
– Depth: 1200 mm
– Shaft diameter: 40 mm


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