Autel MaxiTPMS ITS600 | TPMS Relearn/Programming Tool

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Autel MaxiTPMS ITS600

The MaxiTPMS ITS600 is a wireless 5.5-inch touchscreen tablet based on Android, providing comprehensive TPMS diagnostic and service functions, compatible with TPMS-equipped vehicles in the USA, Asia, and Europe. The ITS600 can activate, read, and relearn all known sensors, perform TPMS system diagnostics, and four general maintenance services. Additionally, the MaxiTPMS ITS600 is compatible with the separately available TBE200/TBE100 Tire Tread-Brake Disc Wear Analysis Tool, providing an extensive range of tire-related features and functions.

Great TPMS Service Tool – The MaxiTPMS ITS600 is a newly released 2022 TPMS scan tool. Upgrading from the TS508/TS601, the ITS600 programming tool integrates their superior features and adds TPMS retrofit and 4 diagnostic functions. Based on the Android operating system and a 1.5 GHz quad-core processor, the ITS600 reset tool offers fast and easy-to-use TPMS diagnostics and services.

Easy Vehicle Identification – The ITS600 TPMS & diagnostic tool is capable of performing quick vehicle certification through AutoVIN, VIN scan, QR code/barcode scan, license plate scan, manual selection/entry.

Autel MX Sensor Programming – The ITS600 TPMS tool can program up to 20 sensors simultaneously. The Autel ITS600 relearn tool offers 4 options for programming new ECU information via MX sensors into the vehicle’s tire pressure monitoring system: Copy by OBD, Copy by Activation, Automatic Creation, and Manual Entry.

TPMS and Diagnostic Tool – The Autel ITS600 diagnostic tool is designed to activate, read, and relearn all known TPMS sensors on the market and perform TPMS system diagnosis to locate problems, as well as 4 common reset functions, including Oil Reset, EPB Reset, BMS Reset, and SAS Calibration.

Better User Experience – Smoother Operation – Android 9.0 Operating System and Scan Code Recognition through 8-megapixel camera.

1 Year Free Software Update – After registering and logging in, you can enjoy a free software upgrade for one year, and if you decide not to continue purchasing the upgrade service after one year, it will not affect the normal use of the device.

Activated, reads, and relearns all known sensors
Improved diagnostic status screen at a glance
Quick OBDII relearning for most vehicles
Program MX sensors to replace 99% of OE sensors
Copy By OBD sensor programming for faster service
Four MX sensor programming modes; Batch programming of up to 20 MX sensors
Includes a wireless Bluetooth vehicle communication interface (VCI)
Tire pressure sticker value reset
Read/clear TPMS system codes and display live data
Free Wi-Fi software updates for the life of the tool

Surprise: When purchasing the ITS600 and TBE200E package, you will receive a £50.00 discount (automatic discount)

Fast Vehicle ID Technology

Quick VIN capture via optical VIN scan
QR code scan/barcode scan, license plate scan, automatic VIN detection, and manual entry
Identify MMY and sensor OE part numbers through VIN decoding
Autel MaxiTPMS ITS600 Special Reset Services
Oil light reset.
Electronic brake service.
Battery registration.
Steering angle reset.
Included service function updates are free for the life of the tool.
All software for system diagnosis and maintenance services available when purchasing a Pro upgrade.
Autel’s Perfect TPMS Pair – TBE200 and ITS600
The powerful functionality of the TBE200 can be used as a standalone device.
However, the benefits increase when used in conjunction with the ITS600 TPMS and service tool, utilizing the larger display. We can wirelessly pair the tools and integrate the information collected from the tires and brake discs with detailed TPMS information. With the combined capabilities of these two tools, we can provide the most comprehensive TPMS overall condition reports known to the industry. The TBE200 is so advanced that it can provide uneven wear analysis and detailed replacement and maintenance suggestions.

Note: For how to connect ITS600 and TBE200 and the actual effect, please see the introduction video below:

Autel MaxiTPMS ITS600 Advanced Tire Service

Fast, easy tire DOT number scan
Tire wear warning
Search for tire recalls
Tread depth Brake disc wear

Accurate laser measurement of tread depth Brake disc wear when purchasing Autel TBE100/TBE200
Comprehensive test report: TPMS health, tread depth, brake disc wear characteristics, repair tips

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