Autel IM608 PRO II

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Autel IM608 PRO II

This device comes with 2 years of free updates and 1 year of warranty.

What is the difference between IM608 PRO II and IM608/IM608 PRO?

IM608 II/IM608 Pro II has improved firmware, Android 10, larger RAM, ROM, with new JVCI+ VCI. Supports CAN protocol reading and writing without a password. Adds built-in DoIP and CAN FD protocol. Supports Remote Expert function.

– IMMO ECU Reset/Adaptation, Refresh Coding
– Transponder read/write, EEPROM/MCU read/write
– Android operating system for fast boot-up and multitasking
– Expert mode for advanced key learning
– Powerful combination of key programming/all system diagnostics/advanced maintenance services
– Smart mode for guided and automatic key learning
– PIN/CS reading (all keys lost), key generation, key acquisition, remote learning
– Powerful OE-level diagnostics for over 80 US, Asian, and European brands and models
– Advanced maintenance services including EPB, DPF, SAS, oil reset, BMS, and TPMS sensor ID relearning functions

Difference Between IM608 Pro II and IM608 / IM608 Pro:
– IM608 II/IM608 Pro II has a more advanced firmware, Android 10, larger RAM and ROM, and a new JVCI+ VCI.
– Supports CAN Protocol Reading and Writing without a Password
– Adds Built-in DoIP and CAN FD Protocol
– Supports Remote Expert Function

Additional Features:
1) XP400Pro adds support for the following chips:
– Engine control module: ST
– IMMO: BENZ, BMW, Remote Renew (NEC)

2) XP400 Pro provides support for the following adapter cards:
– APB113 PCF79XX Adapter Board
– APB114 EWS3 Adapter Board
– APB115 NEC Adapter Board
– APB118 NEC ELV Adapter Board
– APB119 TB28FXXX Adapter Board
– APB120 TMS370 Adapter Board
– APB121 AM29FXXX Adapter Card
– APB122 AM29FXXX Adapter Card1
– APB123 AM29FXXX Adapter Card2
– APB126 M35080/D80 Adapter Card
– APB127 MC68HC05X32 Adapter Card
– APB128 MC68HC05X32 Adapter Card

Diagnosis at OE-Level: By accessing the diagnostic modes via AutoVin or the control unit, you can diagnose all systems on the vehicle’s ECU to locate fault systems and retrieve DTCs.

1) ECU Coding – Match Component and Flash Hidden Functions: The IM608Pro can perform ECU coding, allowing you to reprogram adaptive data for vehicle control modules after repairs or part replacements, similar to MS908. It also has personalized settings to disable annoying functions and unlock the scanner’s hidden features.

2) Active Test – Diagnose the Real Cause of the Problem: With this function, the diagnostic tablet can control an actuator, such as a relay or solenoid, to see if it is actually performing its task. Use bidirectional control to identify and trace the exact faulty part in your vehicle and execute some other advanced maintenance and service functions.


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